Pilots and Controllers need to receive a general training about CNS/ATM domains as an essential part of their whole training process to obtain the corresponding license.

For this purpose, the pilots and controllers training itinerary in CNS/ATM is composed of two courses:

COURSE 1: ‘CNSATM.INITIAL’ composed of the following modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to ATM (Air Traffic Management).
  • Module 2: Familiarization with ATC (Air Traffic Control).
  • Module 3: Aeronautical Information Services (AIS).
  • Module 4: Meteorology.
  • Module 5: CNS services.
  • Module 6: Communications (C).
  • Module 7: Navigation (N).
  • Module 8: Surveillance (S).
  • Module 9: Data processing (DP).
  • Module 10: Monitoring and control of CNS/ATM system.
  • Module 11: Maintenance procedures.
  • Module 12: Energy and air conditioning.

COURSE 2: CNSATM-GEN: Air Navigation CNS/ATM systems.

This course provides a high level overview of all CNS/ATM systems used by the Air navigation Service providers (ANSPs). The course describes and explains the main role of communications, navigation, surveillance and data processing systems used for the provision of Air Navigation services.


We offer a huge variety of CNS/ATM courses. Please contact us for more information.

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