Training designed to augment existing knowledge and skills and/or to prepare for new technologies. This training is given to operationally competent personnel and it includes Refresher, Emergency and Conversion training.

Refresher Training.

Training designed to review, reinforce or upgrade existing knowledge and skills (including team skills).

Emergency Training.

Training designed to broaden knowledge, skills and behaviour in the case of an emergency,  unusual or degraded situation. Most of the training will be site-specific or may make use of incident or accident analysis.

Conversion Training.

Training designed to provide knowledge and skills appropriate to a change in domain (new stream or new S/E rating), environment (new procedures, new location) or system (system upgrade or change).

GAELICAM courses developed and described in the ‘Qualification Training’ section of this website apply perfectly to cover also the ‘Continuation training’ requirements.


We offer a huge variety of CNS/ATM courses. Please contact us for more information.

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