GAELICAM Team has a very large experience in Management of CNS/ATM Projects in all their phases:

  • Specification of requirements to fulfill by new systems.
  • Evaluation of Offers presented by the industry.
  • Monitoring of deployment of systems meeting the specified requirements.
  • Final Acceptance Trials and Validation

It is specially highlighted the CNS/ATM Consulting as one of the key issues that contributes to the success of a Project. This experience has been obtained during over 25 years working in multiple national and international projects regarding to Air Navigation in the following areas:

  • ATM data communications: surveillance (radar, Multilateration LAM/WAM, ADS-C, ADS-B), OLDI, EGNOS, Galileo, CFMU, EAD, PENS, Voice over IP (VoIP), Voice Communications Systems (VCSs), Flight Plan Data Processors (FPDPs), ATIS, VOLMET, communications protocols (IPv4, IPv6, X.25, FR, ATM), …
  • Datalink systems: ATN concept, Air/Ground sub-networks based on VDL2, FANS Accommodation (Front-End Processors), CPDLC, ADS-C, ADS-B, D-ATIS, D-VOLMET, …
  • Aeronautical Messaging Networks (AFTN/AMHS).
  • ATM satellite communications projects: European Space Agency program ARTES 10 called Iris program (HERMES consortium).
  • Communications Transmission means: microwaves and optical fiber rings.
  • Surveillance systems: ADS-B, ADS-C, Mode-S radar, Multilateration (LAM, WAM), A-SMGCS (Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System), TIS-B.
  • Verification and Validation activities: Interoperability Regulation and Certification activities, European Operational Concept Validation Methodology (E-OCVM), …
  • Safety activities: ESSAR (Eurocontrol Safety Regulatory Requirement), SAM (Safety Assessment Methodology), ICAO’s Annex 19 and the Global Aviation Safety Plan, Safety Management System (SMS), …


We offer a huge variety of CNS/ATM consultancy services. Please contact us for more information.

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