New ATM operational concepts implemented with VoIP technologies


VoIP technology allows the implementation of the “Any Channel from any Sector from any Centre” concept:

  • Distributed VCS: VCS nodes in WAN
  • Global Configuration (all centres involved).
  • Global on-line reconfiguration (all centres involved).
  • On-line dynamic “sectors” definition.
  • On-line resources allocation

VoIP technologies allow to begin to use the potential of having all integrated into a single network. For example:

  • The intercommunication of VCSs in real time. Until now, VCSs are isolated entities and if it occurs, for example, a configuration change and / or a re-sectorization in one end, the another one does not know this fact. With the new technologies, VCSs can dialogue and learn about changes made ​​by the adjacent VCSs performing the corresponding operations (optimizing communications keys, etc..).
  • Sharing of the radio sites resources. Currently, ACCs have assigned specific radio channels assigned to radio sites normally located within their FIR/UIR region of responsibility and interconnected by dedicated lines between them. Frequency channels and complete radio sites can be dynamically assign though the IP network from an ACC ’A’ to another ACC ‘B’. It would be possible to have a particular sector in an ACC or to move it, not only within the ACC but to another collateral ACC.



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